I'm a big fan of outdoor adventures of various sorts. I love bushwalking, camping, rock-climbing, white-water rafting, snorkelling, bungee-jumping and many other forms of outdoor foolishness.

The most relevant part of all this is to share with others is how to join me on my adventures. Also sometimes to record notes, references and other details of how the adventures went.

For now it's camping trips. Two particular ones to be specific.

The first is the annual Raymond Falls Goth-camp. For a couple of years this has been abandoned, mostly dure to distance and the sheer cost in car parts it has caused. It may well resume again, and even if it doesn't you may want to find it so you can go there yourself.

This year we tried to find a new location for Goth-camp. It wasn't the greatest success ever, mostly because I couldn't find the time to find a good location and the bushfires were busy destroying all the locations I knew to be good. We eventually settled on Bear-Gull on Cape Liptrap.

The location was good except that it lacked any fresh water. Some of the neighbours were a little hard to get along with. I suggest that this location is one to head for a little earlier or later in the year, but certainly not at a peak holiday period.

Bear gully on Cape Liptrap