I acted as the graphics designer and developer for the Faculty of Information Technology. In this position, I also designed a range of graphics from those to be used as a part of a broader website design through logos, advertising material, and presentations using the latest graphics software. I coordinated web projects, designed and administered sites, and scoped projects for the web team. I was involved in maintaining and enhancing both Faculty web sites and as a member of the steering committee for the main Monash web presence.

I administered a large number of sites, ranging in size from small five page presences to sites with more than two thousand pages. The content ranged from static to dynamic, including multimedia presentations, Content Management Systems (CMS), and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems. I participated in the Faculty Business Management system for achieving quality control and ISO accreditation, and develop relevant policies and procedures. During this time I worked with Xerox technicians to integrate their document management solution with our in house CMS and LDAP infrastructure.

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.:Relevant Skills:.
§ Graphic Design
§ Administration and Design of websites
§ Project Management
§ Team Leadership
§ Development of Quality Control procedures
§ Programming

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§ Monash University IT Faculty


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§ Vanguard Media
§ Dept Treasury/Finance
§ Gaming Companies
§ Melbourne University
§ Monash University

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Ms Ceredwyn Ealanta
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